Start-up struggles: I’m out of my depth this time!

When you start out in business you’ll encounter many situations and opportunities that are brand new to you and it can be daunting, it can reach the point where you constantly feel out of your depth. It’s at this point where you have two options fight or flight. I can’t tell you how many times the task has felt too big, the opportunity seemed too great and I was tempted to take the easy road and run in the opposite direction.

Today I want to tell you that feeling out of your depth is a normal part of the start-up process and just because you feel out of your depth doesn’t mean you are out of your depth.

This journey of business building has shown me that I have a greater capacity for success and achievement than I ever thought possible, and I believe the same is true for you. So if you are feeling out of your depth here’s a few tips to help you handle it and press through.

1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable
Just because you feel uncomfortable doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong, change can often make us feel uncomfortable even when it’s good. Remember that feelings sometimes lie, don’t be governed by them. When fear or anxiety threatens to creep in, remind yourself of the facts; you are skilled, experienced and prepared for this. Then take action and move forward.

2. Gain perspective
Feelings can sometimes distort our perspective, it is impossible to think straight when we are fearful for example, issues seem like insurmountable problems as opposed to interesting challenges that we can find a solution to. Relax and think straight before taking action, if needs be enlist an objective an insightful friend to discuss the issue with clearly. 99% of the time the size of the matter shrinks exponentially.

3. Say yes
When we feel overwhelmed we often say no and do our best to avoid what is making us feel uncomfortable. This might be a client proposal that is proving difficult, an opportunity that seems to exceed the capacity of our small business or a client problem that we’re struggling to solve. In the face of these challenges dare to say yes, use these situations as opportunities for growth. Remember new levels equal new devils, every new level in life comes with a new set of challenges, there are no shortcuts it’s all part of the process.

4. Believe that you can
That’s it, only believe. it’s amazing that once we believe we can the answers pertaining to ‘how’ become a whole lot more accessible. If you believe you can’t it’s as if all access to the solution become blocked. Positive belief enhances your capabilities.

5. Never stop learning
Business success is largely a confidence thing, and the more skilled you are in what you do, the more confidence you’ll have. No matter how expert you are there is always more to learn and scope to get better, so make a commitment to lifelong learning.

Finally know this; you have no idea what you’re capable of and the next time you feel out of your depth, remember that you probably aren’t.