Katrina Douglas is an inspiring and emotive speaker, her talks provoke action and challenge listeners to rethink their assumptions about common topics such as marketing, starting a business and managing business growth.

She has graced numerous stages and conference venues from the Excel and the  iconic Brewery in London,  to in company talks workshops and panel discussions. Her speaking experience is diverse and whatever the setting her energetic and passionate style of speaking never fails to move an audience.

Why Katrina Douglas:

  • Katrina has an innate ability to connect with an audience both emotionally and intellectually
  • Katrina’s talk are easy to consume but always based on an evident depth of knowledge that she has gathered over the past 15 years
  • She is an experienced and confident speaker which shines through in abundance

Speaking topics

As a Chartered Marker, Business Owner, Author, avid reader, wife and mother she has no shortage of things to talk about. But Katrina believes that the most compelling talks are fuelled by passion and she has 3 key topics that she is passionate about:


Marketing is key to business success, but marketing without strategy is like building a house with no foundation. Katrina’s talks focus on marketing strategy without the complexity and jargon that is normally associated with the term. In her talks she demystifies marketing and helps attendees uncover their inner marketing genius.


Starting a business is great but what businesses really need is Momentum. The excitement often dissipates when business owners and budding entrepreneurs realise that the road to success requires much more than simply starting a business. In her talks Katrina provides encouragement, incite and techniques to gain momentum and drive your business forward.


Unless you can stay motivated and pressing ahead in the good times and bad it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how great your idea is. Katrina delivers powerful talks that help entrepreneurs and business leaders stay motivated, pursue purpose and build legacy.

Signature talks

  • 6 Pillars of Marketing Success
  • Starting a business is great but what you really need is Momentum! (A talk based on her book)
  • Kindompreneur – where faith and business collide

Types of speaking

Katrina is a diverse and flexible speaker regularly delivering talks in various formats

Conference speaking

Katrina has been speaking at conferences since 2011 and her experience includes London’s Business  Start-Up Show ,  Premier Digital  and Enterprise Nation’s Fashion Exchange

Katrina douglas speaking Premier Digital

Panel Discussions

Katrina is a natural thought leader and conversationalist, she is able to mesh well with people from all backgrounds. She will always add valuable commentary, well-formed ideas and thought-provoking content to panel discussions.

Katrina Douglas Panelist


Katrina has run numerous workshops for businesses, non-profits and charities, social enterprises and local governments. She is adept at delivering practical and focused content to a targeted audience and inciting interaction and audience participation.

Livestreams and webinars

Karina also does regular livestreams and webinars for her own business an other organisations, pop on over to the video section of her Facebook page for a whole library

Reviews for Katrina

Katrina led 1&1 UK’s efforts to partner with Verisign at business events to encourage and support new businesses to get online successfully. From the first time I met Katrina I was impressed with her ability to engage at all levels, her enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge of digital marketing. Katrina also presented to large audiences at these events and proved to be a natural at public speaking, generating a buzz and increasing traffic at our stand. Finally, I’d like to mention that Katrina has the vision to execute in all areas of marketing these types of events by driving social media and PR before, during and after the event to keep interest and generate leads long after the event had ended.

– Stuart Dinnes, Director Channel Strategy – Verisign (.com)

‘Katrina gave a really engaging and lively insight into the 6 pillars of international marketing success.  She brought to life the key principles of marketing to our audience and was well received’

– Catherine McDermott, Economic Prosperity Programme Officer – Reigate and Banstead Council Borough Council


We were delighted that Katrina agreed to speak at Enterprise Nation’s Fashion Exchange, which is an event aimed at supporting fashion entrepreneurs by connecting them with inspiring retail buyers, entrepreneurs and experts.

Katrina was one of our business experts and led an upbeat session helping talented fashion start-ups learn how to get more traffic to their website and turn browsers into buyers.

Katrina shared relevant up-to-date industry insights that were hugely valuable to our guests and w e can’t wait to have Katrina speak at future events of ours.

– Lorna Baden, Head of Campaigns, Enterprise Nation