10 Tactics and tools to help you save time on social media

Managing your social media can seem daunting at times—and even deciding what ideas to post about every day can be a huge hassle. I mean, let’s face it, as useful as social media is for us as business owners, it can be a time-drain, even if you are using it well. On the flipside, poor use of social media can have a significant impact on your business. So, I want to share 10 tools and tactics to assist you in managing your social media effectively.

5 Proven Methods for Effective Social Media Management

Being efficient at managing social media means you will need to be able to capture, arrange and prepare content for your page(s). Here are ways to make this manageable and less time-consuming.

1. Do a content audit

You don’t have to necessarily create contents from scratch for your social media. Often times the biggest time wasters in social media management is actually finding fresh ideas. Have you considered that you may be sitting on a goldmine of contents that you may have created for purposes other than social media? What about that talk you did recently? Maybe you did a video, wrote a blog, an article or even recorded a vlog; think about your current content regardless of its current form and how you can use it to enhance your social media.

2. Capture ideas as they come to you

In most instances, ideas for social media can completely escape you when you are actually sitting at your desk contemplating content. However, the best ideas may come to you, not when you are at your desk but may occur randomly, when you’re in the shower, laying in bed or just taking a walk. So, try to find ways of capturing content ideas as they come to you.

For instance, I capture social media content ideas by permanently maintaining a spreadsheet on my laptop. Here I create a tab for my three main social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which are maintained even when I am working on something completely different. So whenever an idea comes to me that I feel may be suitable for any of those three channels, then I’ll just document it there and then.

3. Repurpose content

So, you may have done a blog-post ages ago, or you may have made a post on Facebook that did really well. How can you repurpose this piece of content to allow for sharing on other channels? The answer is simple, convert these pieces of content to other formats such as video or article. For instance, you may have done a tweet or made a Facebook update that resonated well with your audience. Here, you can repurpose this content in the form of a video to capitalize on a broader reach.

4. Plan

Planning is an essential aspect of any social media strategy. On a Sunday night, I religiously reserve a couple of hours, just to think about the content that I would like to post that week. Thereafter, I schedule all the content that matches my line of thought and update the spreadsheet that we spoke about earlier. So, it is also critical for you to plan your content, one or two hours every Sunday will save you a world of worries as it relates to updating your social media.

5. Have weekly and daily themes

Perhaps you own a cake-making business, then you may want to think about creating weekly or daily themes. For instance, one week you may want to post contents relating to wedding cakes, and another week, you may want to talk about birthday cakes, the key is consistency. Another way to use themes is devising set days for specific types of contents. So I know, for example, that I will be posting my latest blog-post every Monday, I will be doing my Facebook Live every Wednesday and so on. Therefore, every day of the week has a set type of content/activity.

Following these five steps will definitely help you to become more efficient in managing your social media.

5 Tools to Use for Social Media Efficiency

The tools we utilize in the execution of our social media strategy will often determine how efficient and productive we are. So in this section, we will discuss five social media management tools to streamline and consolidate your social media efforts.

1. Hootsuite 

This automation software allows you to manage all your social media content from a centralized location and enables postings across several platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Essentially, you may want to vary the contents for each channel, so that your social media lends itself to variety. If you are into analytics and post engagements, then Hootsuite also provides trackable links to gauge post performance and click-through ratios.

2. Socialoompth

I know a lot of people find Twitter somewhat difficult to fully understand and utilize efficiently, but I quite like Twitter and my secret is simply, Socialoompth. This software is an excellent automation tool for content curation, enabling the creation of queues for various types of content. Now in my business across different channels, all my material falls into one of three categories: Marketing, Managing Your Business, or Motivation. So whenever I stumble upon a quote or tweet that I think falls into any of these categories, then I just upload it into a queue and Socialoompth automatically posts it on a pre-set schedule. So if you want to tweet a ton of fresh content and can’t find the time to do it manually, then you should use Socialoompth.

3. Canva

This is another excellent tool that I like to use to increase my social media efficiency. Canva provides loads of great templates for all the images that you may want to use in your social media channels. You’ll be provided with standard quality images for Facebook headers, as well as Instagram and Twitter posts. So if you want to create really great content with images that are just the right size and look great without the hassle and without having to employ a graphic designer, then your safest bet is to use Canva.

4. Crowdfire

This is another awesome tool that I use on my Instagram and Twitter channel. Crowdfire allows you to identify generic fans and set up automatic Direct Messages (DMs) to communicate with your most loyal audience. Though this can be a good technique, care should be taken to do this correctly as DMs can be a little annoying if not used well. For instance, an auto DM should not be used to make a sale, or just to say thanks for following but as a way to deepen your relationship with your audience.

5. IFTT 

Situational Automation – Another great automation tool is a little shy of true magic. Termed with the phrase “If That Then This” IFTTT provides recipes to automate social media processes. For instance, I can automate the process so that: If someone sends me a reply on Twitter or Instagram, or comment on my post; Send them this, whether it be a response or a thank you note.

Other IFTT recipe examples could be:

  • Every time I post a blog, automatically post this to all my social media accounts;
  • Every time I post a picture on Instagram, automatically post this to an album on my Facebook page; or automatically share new links I’ve posted on Facebook to Twitter.

This is a great tool to have in your social media arsenal. A lot of the things that actually reduce your time can be automated.

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