My number one business tool

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!”

 ― Michael E. Gerber,

I love the quote above, it’s so very true and it’s one of the reasons I’m obsessed with systems and processes. That and the fact that I worked for an awesome German company for over 4yrs, where everything had a process 🙂

Although I’m very much at the centre of my business still, from the very beginning it was important to me that I build a business that was easy to scale. This means everything I do is systemised, so that each of my day-to-day functions can be handed off seamlessly, as and when I wish to do so.

Michael E. Gerber’s classic – The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It elaborates on why this is so important. If you want to know how to work on your business and not just in it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Let the tools do the heavy lifting

I use a few, but there is one tool that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Pipedrive.The easiest and most effective Sales CRM system I have ever used.

The two most important processes I have in my business relate to:

1.     How I generate new business

2.     How I take care of my clients

Pipedrive helps me manage both, without having to think too much.

Between the app and the website my entire business pretty much hinges on it. So if you’re looking for a CRM that isn’t a nightmare to learn and a nuisance to use, definitely check out Pipedrive.