Musings of a Marketer: A letter to start-ups

A bi-weekly letter of encouragement and support from me to you

I have so much to say to you, but truth be told social media and even this blog doesn’t always feel like the right platform, some things need to be said one-to-one. So, I’ve come up with another way to share some of my musings with you, a good old fashioned letter. I’ll write to you every two weeks on a Sunday morning with my freshest ideas, insights and encouragement to help you drive your business forward.

There are a lot of things that I share with business owners one-to-one that I never share online and will never share on social media because I’m a little old fashioned like that, not everything is for the world-wide-web. But I want to start sharing some of these things with you.

The start-up journey isn’t easy and one of the goals I have is to be what I needed when I was  starting out, for others. And that’s what this letter is about, just a weekly dose of encouragement and some nuggets of wisdom to help you build momentum and keep pressing forward in your business.

Some weeks the letter will be short other week’s it will be long, but it will always provide value.

So here’s what you can expect

  • A very personal letter from me to you, one business owner to another
  • A letter that will leave you feeling positive and encouraged
  • Nuggets of wisdom that you won’t find on any of my other communication channels
  • Gifts – I believe in giving your way to success so quite often I’ll enclose discounts and other giveaways
  •  You’ll get the inside scoop I’ll share news with you before I release it to the public

Are you in?

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