Marketing Consultancy

Delivering crystal clear and focused marketing strategies

Katrina works with successful businesses who have a great reputation and a steady flow of referrals. But are missing out on lucrative business opportunities, due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • They are over reliant on word-of-mouth, with no other marketing activities to generate business
  • They don’t have a clear marketing strategy, so marketing efforts are ineffective and unfocused
  • They are confused and/or  overwhelmed by marketing so avoid it like the plague

Katrina works alongside businesses like these to develop and implement marketing strategies that accelerate business growth and lead to long-term  success

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How marketing consultancy works

  1. Consultation

    A free consultation to discuss your needs, how we can help and answer any initial questions you may have.

  2. Proposal

    Based on the initial consultation, you’ll receive a proposal detailing the bespoke services we will provide to meet your needs, how long it will take and the cost.

  3. Agreement

    A course of action will be agreed and KDM will submit a statement of works detailing the scope of the project.

  4. Strategy development/Project plan

    KDM will develop a strategy consulting you throughout the process.

  5. Implementation

    KDM will advice on how best to implement the strategy and provide support if required.


Marketing Consultancy Programmes

Two marketing consultancy options:

1. Marketing planning

Katrina will analyse and assess your current marketing activity, establish goals and key performance indicators, and put strategies in place to grow your business.

This is a bespoke service designed specifically for your needs and is charged at a daily rate.

2. Marketing management

Katrina will act as a Freelance Marketing Director, giving you the support you need without the overheads. . There are three levels of service available:

  • review


    Audit of your current marketing activity

  • refresh


    Optimisation of your current marketing activity

  • recreate


    Development and implementation of new marketing programs

These services are priced on a project basis.

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The benefits of a KDM marketing consultant

If you need to improve your marketing now and require expertise that you don’t already have, a marketing consultant is the solution. You’ll gain;

  • Specialist marketing knowledge that will add value to your business
  • An established network of partners that can provide additional services if necessary
  • Strategic direction ensuring your marketing activity is aligned to your business goals
  • Marketing efficiencies and cost savings through monitoring performance and allocating budget to activities that achieve results
  • Fresh insights and creative ideas