Leaders are readers and 6 other reasons to join me on Goodreads :)

I’m a bit of a Goodreads fan

If you’re not already familiar with Goodreads, it’s a social media platform for book lovers. It’s probably one of my favourite virtual hangouts, I’m pretty much obsessed with books; print books, ebooks and audiobooks alike, although I must confess print books are still my favourite. Goodreads allows me to browse people’s virtual bookshelves, peruse their reviews and ratings, discover literary gems and then discuss them with like-minded people until my heart is content!

Reading is good for business

You may not have an innate love for books, but if you’re passionate about succeeding in business, reading is a habit worth developing. In the words of Harry S. Truman; “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled, ‘For Those Who Want to Lead Read’;

Deep, broad reading habits are often a defining characteristic of our greatest leaders and can catalyze insight, innovation, empathy, and personal effectiveness.

Basically, one of the best habits entrepreneurs can develop is the habit of reading broadly and Goodreads is a good place to start.

Here’s 5 ways Goodreads enhances the reading experience

1. Create virtual book shelves

You can create your own shelves, which is a really handy way of keeping track of what books you want to read, have read and also your ratings and reviews. The default shelves are; to read, reading and read, but you can customise your shelves however you like. I often forget what I’ve read and find it quite satisfying to be able to go back and not only see how many books I’ve read over the years, but also what they were and how I rated them. I also like browsing other people’s shelves and discovering great books that I never would have found otherwise.

2.  Connect with your Facebook Friends on Goodreads

You’ll probably find that some of your social media friends and email contacts are already on Goodreads, you can connect your email account and other social media accounts to find them. As they say the more the merrier. The thing about social media is that it allows us to connect over our similarities and our differences become obsolete. Bonding over books can actually be a highly effective way to connect with clients and prospects.

3. Stretch your reading muscles with the annual Goodreads Challenge

Every year Goodreads set a reading challenge where you decide how many books you want to read in a year. Because of my competitive nature I find that the challenge helps me read more than I otherwise would. This year my target was 36 books, last month I found myself 4 books behind so September turned into a reading fest for me which was great, I managed to cram some gems in check out what I’ve read as part of the challenge and how I’m progressing. You can also see how friends are progressing with the challenge; how many books they’ve committed to, the progress they’ve made and the books they added to their challenge. The Goodreads reading challenge is a fun way to kick-start a reading habit or step it up a notch.

4. Join Topical discussions

Whatever your interest you’ll find a group in Goodreads discussing it, and a ton of books on the matter too. Goodreads is about more than just books in the sense that it’s a community that rallies and has meaningful conversations around issues that books touch on and provoke. If you like to talk and connect with others there are no shortage of opportunities.

5. Find out everything there is to know about books

Beyond the usual information that you can find about books in any bookstore, on Goodreads you can find out about the author and often connect with them on their Author Page, find groups discussing the book, explore the shelves of people who have read the book, see the books average rating and of course read reviews.

And just in case you’re still not convinced…

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