How to use social media to drive engagement with your brand?

So, here’s the thing, the key to being successful on social media is being ‘sociable’ many businesses on social media forget that, they want to capitalise on the ‘media’ but forget about the ‘social’ part.

It’s important to remember that the same rules of engagement that apply offline and in person, also apply online, on social media

Here’s the question, how do you engage people in real life?

Answer that and you’ve pretty much figured out how to get more engagement.

Here’s what I mean…

If you want to connect and network with people you don’t already know, you might do the following:

  • Ask a friend that is already connected with them for an introduction
  • Attend an event where people within your target audience are likely to be
  • Introduce yourself and strike up conversation on a topic of mutual interest

Some social media equivalents include

  • Asking for introductions via social media connections. Whenever you come across someone online that you’d like to connect with, search for them on LinkedIn and Facebook to see if you have a mutual contact. Often you’ll be surprised how close you already are to people you want to connect with. Social media has made the world a lot smaller place.
  • Join and participate in groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. On both social media platforms you can find groups for almost every business sector and niche interest that exists.
  • Extend basic social etiquette to your interactions online – if someone shares one of your posts, acknowledge them and say thanks, if someone send you a message or responds to a post (providing it’s not obviously spam) respond.
    • As your social media grows this will become increasingly difficult, so consider using a tool like ‘If This Then That (IFTTT) it will automate some of your social media interactions in a way that feels natural and organic.

This video by Sunny Lenarduzzi provides some useful examples.

  • A lot of people struggle to get to grips with Twitter, a great way to get involved and increase your engagement on the site is to participate in Twitter Chats. Simply google ‘Twitter Chats and your industry or area of interest’ to find the chats that are most relevant to your brand.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to engage people is to share something of value, share quality content that the people you want to reach are likely to be genuinely interested in.

Post consistently but avoid sharing low value content simply for the sake of posting something.

Have a community mindset

Social media should be about a two way conversation, no matter how interesting we are if all we do is talk about ourselves it eventually starts to bore people.

Be what you want t o receive:

  • Like, share and comment on other peoples posts
  • Use hashtags to find relevant posts and also to be found by those looking for the type of content you share. Ritetag is a good tool to help you find relevant hashtags related to your niche.
  • Show-up regularly – consistency is key!

The moral of the story is, sow what you want to reap – you want to make friends, show yourself friendly 🙂

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