How to make your brand stand out in the crowd

Want to make your brand stand out in the crowd? Focus on great customer service. Marketing and customer service are definitely best friends in business.

4 ways to delight your customers with great service and make your brand shine

1. Make your service exceptional

When it comes to branding most businesses focus heavily on how a brand looks; the logo, the colour and other aspects of visual identity.  Although important, these elements are not what truly separate one brand from another.  In a world where there are numerous businesses ready and waiting to serve every customer need, SERVICE IS THE KEY DIFFERENTIATOR. Exceptional service is relatively rare so if you’re able to provide it consistently you are well ahead of the game.

2. Focus on Existing Customers

Did you know that it cost at least twice as much to obtain a new customer than it does to keep an existing one?

Yet most companies focus so much on acquiring new customers that they neglect existing ones. If you already have a customer base I suggest spending a tleast 60% of your time service the customers you already have and adding value to them through additional products and services.  Personally, my ratio is 80/20 in favour of my existing customer base, but it all depends on your business.

The point is to spend most of your time investing in those who have invested in you.

This approach also tends to lead to a high level of referrals and recommendations. In essence your existing customers end up marketing your business for you, as a result of you serving them so well. Never forget word-of-mouth has always been and will always be the best form of marketing the Internet has only amplified this.

3. Ensure your level of service and your brand image match

You can have the most beautiful, professional looking brand and marketing campaigns but if the service you deliver doesn’t match, it will only lead to customer dissatisfaction. Great visuals will draw people in but great service is what keeps them.

4. Remember consistency is key 

Ensure that all your customer are receiving the same level of service every time they step into your business, or interact with your business online. If a customer comes to you today and again tomorrow, it’s important to ensure they receive a consistent level of service. It is vital to have documented processes to help you maintain consistency in your business as it grows. These processes range from simple things such as how staff should greet clients, to how you close a sale. Having documented processes ensures you have a blueprint that enables your business to run like clockwork whether you’re there or not.

To sell, at its best, is to serve and money is simply the certificate of value for what you’ve provided.

Don’t forget, affter delighting customers ask for reviews!

Ensure that you request recommendations and reviews from your clients. As well as posting your customer reviews on your own website. I strongly suggest asking customers to post reviews on independent sites such as Facebook, Trip Adviser and TrustPilot. These are trusted review sites and having positive reviews on them will increase your search engine ranking and help your brand wstand out online.


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