Countdown to The Momentum Academy

MOMENTUM more than just a word and the name of my book for me it’s a philosophy that underpins my business and a movement that I feel compelled to lead.

My belief is this:

Starting a business is great but what business owners really need is momentum.

Momentum comprises two things:

1. The ability to market your business successfully – if no one knows your business exists, it really doesn’t matter how great it is.

2. The motivation to drive your business forward on a daily basis – many people have great business ideas but few implement them – it takes a ton of motivation to turn an idea into a real business.

The sole purpose of my book is to provide you with daily motivation and marketing tips to help drive your business forward, but for me the book is just the beginning.

My business is about making it easier for you to gain momentum in your business in order to MOVE from a great idea to a great business. I’m all about taking action and providing you with the tools and resources to help you do that, as a wise man once said;

The distance between dreams and reality is action

The next phase in this mission is The Momentum Academy.

The Momentum Academy will be an online hub that will help you go deeper with the ideas and concepts that I share in the book it’s all about helping you execute and move from a start-up to a thriving business as quickly as possible. Knowledge is power but only if you use it, the academy will equip you with marketing knowledge so that you feel confident to do your own marketing, but also help you utilise that knowledge in a way that will make you more money.

3 key objectives

  1. To provide start-ups with top quality marketing training to get them to the next level of growth
  2. To build a deeper relationship with start-ups in my community by providing practical support
  3. To be an instrumental part of seeing more small businesses succeed in the UK, I find the following statistic unpalatable!

According to a research report carried out by Ormsby Street;

Small business survival rates are as high as 91 per cent after one year of trading, but after five years just four in ten small businesses will still be trading, research finds.

Having worked with many founders I think that there are 3 main reasons owners quit:

  • They cannot make enough money due to not having a sustainable business model
  • Know-one knows about their business due to a lack of marketing so they don’t make enough sales
  • They run out of steam; building a business requires a tremendous amount of resilience it can take a toll emotionally, physically and mentally – some owners simply reach the point where they’ve had enough and can’t do it anymore.

3 key areas of focus

The momentum academy will provide resources that address these three areas, to tackle the issues highlighted above:

Management – developing a robust business model and strategy
Marketing – executing marketing activity that gets your business noticed and people buying from you
Motivation – staying motivated and driving your business in the good times and bad

The Momentum Academy Launches in January 2018

I’m super excited about the launch of the academy in January, in the meantime I’m working on the website and a flagship course.

For news, updates and early bird discounts for the academy submit your details below.

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