Put your personality into your brand

People buy from people

No one sells to companies, we all sell to people and those people are predictably irrational.
What I mean is, we’d all like to think that most business decisions are made based on facts and solid business rational. That does play a part but in truth most sales you make will be because people like you and when people like you, they’ll typically find a way to do business with you.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t need a solid business case and strong product offering, but unless people like you first you’ll rarely get an opportunity to show them what you have to offer.

“It’s important to be likable and part of being likable is being your true self” – Click to Tweet

Your personal brand

Branding has evolved, it’s less about painting the perfect picture that you want people to see, and more about projecting who you really are and what you stand for. Customers increasingly look past facades to find real value and this is why it’s impossible to build a successful brand and hide behind a logo.

Here’s a few tips on injecting personality to your brand:

  1. Communicate in your natural tone of voice

    Always keep your communication professional, high quality and grammatically correct, but avoid corporate jargon and clichés. Allow your real voice to shine through.

  2. Express your point of view

    Don’t just write the same type of content as everybody else in your sector, even if you’re covering similar topics, add your point of view and unique perspective.

  3. Use quality imagery that has character

    It’s important to use high quality images, stock photography is fine but avoid cliché visuals like business people shaking hands or standard pictures of laptops. Use images that convey the uniqueness of your brand.

  4. Use colour to express your individuality

    Use colours that reflect you, it doesn’t have to be the main colour but add accents of colour in headings and buttons that add a touch of your personality. If neutrals and well respected blues are for you that’s great, but if not don’t feel compelled to use them.