The back story to my book: Momentum 90 Days of Motivation and Marketing Tips to Kick-Start Your Business

The beginning…

I spent the first year of self-employment pretty much transitioning and contemplating the type of business I wanted to build.

Truth be told I didn’t expect self-employment be so hard, I didn’t expect the emotional rollercoaster and I didn’t expect the learning curve to be so steep. I had a plan, a good idea, great advisers and I had read the books and gained the experience in my chosen field. On paper I was more than qualified. And yet when the day came, although I felt excited and knew this was 100% the right decision for me, dare I admit it, I still felt out of my depth.

As I began my journey, I realised there might be others like me. Entrepreneurs who were grateful for all the encouragement there is out there and were raving about how awesome self-employment is and the fabulous freedom and earning potential it offers, but who also wanted someone to address the real issues and provide tangible, practical advice along with some motivation to help them build their businesses from the ground up. People who, like me, wanted a little less fluff and fanfare and more meat to equip them for this journey.
Guess what, I couldn’t find a resource that provided exactly what I needed. So I decided to write this book and redesign my business to specifically help those starting out on their own. A book that would help those who have a great idea but need a little guidance while turning it into a great business.

The Book…

The book emerged from my own experience both as a marketer and a business owner, and the view that starting a business is great but what business owners really need is momentum. In the book I assert that Momentum comprises two things:

1) Marketing – because if you don’t know how to promote your business effectively it will go nowhere fast

2) Motivation – because if you can’t stay motivated and pushing your business forward in the good times and bad, it’s likely to die a premature death.

Essentially the book is a buffet of practical marketing tips and motivating insights to help business owners get their businesses off the ground, during that crucial transition period and those first weeks and months of starting a business.


The book covers 90 topics that small business owners face during the start-up journey and provides more than 90 marketing tips to help you move from a great idea to a great business.

Before you master your life, you first have to master your day, so over the course of 90 days you’ll learn how to:

  • Transition smoothly into your new role as a business owner
  • Build an effective marketing plan through daily marketing tips
  • Stay motivated and keep pressing through when the going gets tough

Here’s the book trailer


Over the course of my career I’ve worked with businesses large and small, but my passion is working with start-ups,  and that’s exactly who this book is for. So if you have recently started your own business or are thinking of doing and could benefit from daily motivation and marketing tips to help you drive your business forward, then grab yourself a copy of the book over on Amazon.

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