I am many things; a wife, mother, Chartered Marketer and accomplished business person with over a decade of experience helping businesses develop successful marketing strategies and strong brands.

After 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, including 4 years as UK Head of Marketing for one of the world’s leading web hosting providers 1and1 Internet Ltd., I decided to stop climbing. instead I wanted to take everything I’ve learnt to date and build a business of my own – perhaps you can relate! I loved my corporate career, I just always knew it was training ground for the businesses I would one day build.

I still provide consultancy services to the corporate world but now I also get to work with solopreneurs, microbusinesses and SMBs of many types. I love the variety and the fact that I get to support some incredible visionaries at various stages of their journey, for me that’s an honour.

If you’ve spent any time on this website you’ll know that my business is essentially to help you build your business.

I don’t believe anyone ever achieves greatness on their own, we all have a little help along the way, and through the services that I provide at KDM I aim to be one of those helping hands.

So if you need a marketing consultant, coach or trainer there’s no time like the present to get in touch.

Katrina Douglas
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PS: Here’s just a few things those who’ve worked with me have had to say;

Katrina has been an absolute star in terms of helping me getting my projects off the ground. I engaged Katrina about 6 months ago to help produce a marketing plan for a small start up business I had. From the get go, Katrina was totally switched on and was able to offer up multiple suggestions with the website and the approach I should take.

I’m some what of a newbie to social media but Katrina was able to walk me through all the social media avenues, providing much needed tutoring along the way and in doing so enhancing my digital marketing knowledge.

What I also loved about Katrina was her passion and drive to ensure that everything we worked on together had business value and a beneficial purpose, this made it easy for me to avoid any pitfalls and wasting any money.

Katrina’s solving and solution driven attitude was also a huge plus for me, when I was all about ready to give up, she was still looking at other avenues leaving no stone unturned.

Katrina was quick to respond to my ever changing demands, her professionalism, encouraging and helpful attitude, along with her industry knowledge, assisted enormously in getting my project off the ground.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Katrina and will continue to engage her services as the business develops.

-Shirley Da Costa, Marketing Coaching Client

“Katrina Douglas successfully managed our UK marketing team for more than 4 years, and I have to admit that she is one of the best professionals I’ve had the privilege to manage. She is not only a highly competent marketer and a great strategic thinker, but she is also a very smart and ambitious business person, constantly fighting for success through hard work and determination. I also want to put into relief Katrina’s people skills, because she is a very respectful person, sensitive and open to others, who constantly shows her great ability to actively listen and to always find the right words. Katrina was appreciated by everyone everywhere and is definitely a great value for any company!”

– George Coradinho, Head of Marketing Europe, 1&1 Internet


Katrina led 1&1 UK’s efforts to partner with Verisign at business events to encourage and support new businesses to get online successfully. From the first time I met Katrina I was impressed with her ability to engage at all levels, her enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge of digital marketing. Katrina also presented to large audiences at these events and proved to be a natural at public speaking, generating a buzz and increasing traffic at our stand. Finally, I’d like to mention that Katrina has the vision to execute in all areas of marketing these types of events by driving social media and PR before, during and after the event to keep interest and generate leads long after the event had ended.

– Stuart Dinnes, Director Channel Strategy, Verisign


Vision and the ability to present and articulate ideas is one of Katrina’s strong points. It is also a key ingredient for a good marketer and communicator. I am looking forward to working with Katrina again in the future and would recommend her to any business organisation.

– Chris Murray, Director, AGR Video Production