10 tips to help you cut through social media saturation

Social media is noisy! With so many people sharing information everyday about your area of specialism and beyond, it can be difficult to identify how you can stand out.

Just a couple of statistics to put the content output on social media into perspective:

  • Content per brand on Twitter rose by 60 per cent and on Facebook is up over 31 per cent in the past year (The Drum)
  • Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny)

But don’t let this deter you from carving out your own space on social media, there is still room for you 🙂

I refer to content a lot throughout this post, so for clarity this is what I mean: It’s the stuff you publish – which covers writing, visuals, video, presentations – etc. It can be published on blogs, webpages, social accounts, etc. – (definition by Courtney Ramirez)

Here are 10 tips to help you cut through.

1. Identify who you’re talking

Focus on the one. Instead of communicationg content that tries to resonate with everyone, have that one person in mind that you’d love to connect with. Much of what we communicate on social media should be dictated by who we are talking to. When  you’re clear about who you want to reach, it becomes easier to create content that cuts through.

When you post a piece of content ask yourself what about this piece of content would make it stand out to the ideal person I’d like to reach.

2. Build your tribe

Ideas thrive in community, rally people around your ideas.

Start discussions, don’t just talk at people – invite two-way dialogue. You can do this buy asking your audience relevant questions and inviting them to share their views, I often do this at tthe end of my Instagram posts. Also, participate in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, there are niche groups for every area of interest you can think of. Start a conversation around ideas.

Remember: people don’t rally around products and marketing per se, they rally around movements and ideas.

3. Plan and create content that they’ll love

Think more deeply about what you’re sharing. Sometimes the reason our content doesn’t resonate is because we haven’t thought deeply enough about it. We’re so keen to get contet out that it become more about quanity than quality. Be creative, think more deeply about what you produce.

This may mean producing less but offering more value.

4. Invest the time

If you don’t invest the time – you won’t get the outcome.  Social media isn’t free it costs a significant time investment to do well. Invest the time to post consistently and think about a strategy for social media.

5. Fil the gaps

There is a lot of content out there but is it answering the right questions? What key questions and areas related to your busines are not being addressed by the content that exists? What isn’t being said, identify the content gaps and seek to fill them.

When creating social media content, think about context don’t post in a vacuum

  • What’s going on in your industry?
  • What questions are people asking in relation to your area of expertise? (Quora is also a good place to demonstrate your expertise and find questions that people are asking in your field)
  • How can you add value to the conversation?

6. Identify hot topics

Google Trends is a great way to identify industry trends and hot topics. It’s totally free and you can use it to view how an industry, topic and even keyword is trending over time, in particular geographic locations. You can also search for general terms like ‘marketing’ and identify ‘top’ topics and ‘rising’ topics that are related. These are keywords and terms that are most searched for within that field, as well as the keywords and terms that are rising in popularity according to search data. Use the information you find to shape the content you create and produce content that is relevant to your specific audience and more likely to be found on Google.

7. Place your content strategically

Place your content where your ideal audiene is likely to find it. When thinking about what social media sites to be on, think about where your audience is, and use that to determine where you should be on social media. Here’s a social media demographic infographic detailing the make-up of individual  on each of the main social media sites, use it to help guide your decision.

8. Focus on less channels

To gain more traction you may need to focus on less channels. Rather than focus on 1o channels focus on one at a time, find your audience, discover what works, gain traction  and then move on to the next. Go narrow and go deep!

Find your flow and your audience on one channel at a time before moving on to the next.

9. Post consistently

When people get used to seeing you on  a social media channel, they’ll begin expecting you to show-up and your content will automatically begin to stand out to them. When you only show up sporadically, it is much harder to cut through social media saturation. You haveto show-up consistently to gain brand recognition there are no shortcuts. The good news is that once people start seeing you on social media regularly people will remember you and gravitate to your posts.

10. Blend online with offline

If you want to cut through the clutter, you need to have a voice beyond social media.

In order to increase your influence online you also need to increase your influence offline

  • Network – not necessarily at traditional networking events, but events where you’re likey to meet people that you want to reach, industry events and conferences.
  • Secure speaking events when possible (providing your open to public speaking of course)

Generally make yourself known in the community that you want to reach!

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